Wedding Prep


As yet untitled

you don't need me to set you free
i'm not here to hold you back.
let me watch you fly away - see?
there's nothing but wind surrounding
your outspread wings.
glide, soar - take the world as your own
and become one
with what you dreamed last night.
i saw the smile on your face as you slept;
that slight upturn of your lips
that i love.
don't wait around for me - just fly,
i'll be here when you wake.


What's been going on

Dear friends,

I'd like to introduce someone to you. His name is Gabe. We met some months ago and found so many things in common that we decided ('we' being Gabe, myself, my parents, and God and His providences and leading; not necessarily in that order :) that a continued relationship was a good idea. Gabe and I have been courting for a few weeks now and would like to pass the knowledge on to others, because shared happiness is oh so much better, I believe. So is shared faith! We'd love to have you trust God along with us, as we seek His will for our futures.