Blog move

So, after all my hard work to get this site lookin' pretty, I was swept away by wordpress. Mostly by it's better ability to showcase pictures, which I find rather useful since I plan to be posting a lot. If anyone has me linked (riiiight), or bookmarked (riiiight), please take a moment to update using this: http://subtitledlife.wordpress.com/.

Or, if you just want to view it, click here.

It's new, it's improved

it's... old fashioned?

Indeed, this is our new lawn mower.


I stole

These belong to Gabe, but I liked them so much I stole them from him. He doesn't use them anyway - his glasses are the type that transition.


Here I was thinking...

...that she was completely black.

I guess not.


My view

Just a sliver of the scenery around here.


While I'm at it

I thought I'd show you the back yard, too. And Patch. With Easter doing what she does best - chasing her.



These past couple days Gabe and I have spent at his parent's home. This picture is of part of their front garden, including some poinsettia plants - the tallest of which must be at least 6 feet in height. It wouldn't be surprising if they doubled their height eventually. And here most of us thought they were supposed to be small house plants!



To help force myself to develop what little skills I have with the camera, I've decided to try posting a picture a day for an undetermined length of time.

Here is today's. While actually taken over a week ago, at least people will know how much of a cheat I am from the start, so they will not be under any false assumptions.

I met this little guy after he had climbed through an open window into our house. He then proceeded to climb up me, seeing as how I'm apparently so tree-like.