Harvest party

I think I look like a cross between Zorro and a FBI wannabe. Maybe something else. Any ideas?


I am so aweesome.

Just to share my humiliation, I have to let everyone know what world I have been living in recently.

I was pushing hard to get TOR done in time to send it out before November rolls around, so last week I was in high gear because I had to have it done by Friday so I could mail it Monday (today). This Monday... because this Monday was the 29th of October. Okaaaay.

It continued. Yesterday, of course, was supposed to be when Daylight Saving Time ended. If today was the 29th, yesterday was the 28th, OBVIOUSLY. Sunday. I slowly got ready for church. I was ready to go with at least an hour and a half extra time, so when I looked out the window about 9:15am and saw Diane walking towards the church I thought to myself, "Oops, I guess she forgot about the time change." A few minutes later, there goes Shawn and sons. "Hmm..." I began to question myself, so I popped online to check to make sure that it actually was the ending of DST. It confirmed that the 28th was indeed correct. A few more minutes, and someone drove up the driveway towards the church. I checked online again, maybe I saw it wrong. Nope, it still marked the 28th. I even changed my clock...

**holds head in hands** gaaahh

So I finally went to my grandma's apartment. She wasn't there. Off to the church I went to scout out the situation. I was still pretty sure I had the date right and was wondering if last Sunday (I wasn't there) they announced church would be at 9:30 this week instead of 10:30... um... I'm not going to go into why I thought that.

I finally made it into church about 12 minutes late. The service had started at 10:30 just like normal, it wasn't waiting for silly me.

Can I blame it on my meds?

Gaaaaaaaaahhhh. I think I'm going to go hide behind the couch. Someone let me know when it's time to eat.


Oh, look, it's Fall!

I made pea soup again today and it came out GREAT. Thank God for crockpots.


Advice for the day

Don't try to sing in a choir when you have a bad head cold and are feeling very miserable.

First of all, some people might think you look like you're going to keel over when you walk into the room. Secondly, others may say you looked fine up front... when you smiled. I'm not sure I want to know what I looked like when I wasn't smiling. And it's not like it's easy to smile while singing anyway. THEN, after all that, when you open your mouth to sing, one tends to "warble". I really hope I wasn't too close the the mic...

warble... good grief. I think I'm going to go into another profession.

To sum it up: When you have a bad head cold, go to bed and stay there for pete's sake! The world will keep spinning without your help.


How not to make pea soup:

follow the recipe.

I was so pleased with myself. There I was at Fairview for the day; I had to make supper for the seniors... how about something easy that I could start earlier? Pea soup, perfect! I could add kielbasa and some other delectable flavors which I would have chosen later.

So, I pulled out a package of dried split peas and rinsed them off (just like the directions said). I then dumped them into the correct sized pot. I measured the water carefully--8 cups. Eight cups to one pound of dried peas. I read it. More than once. Ok, so it (the evil recipe) told me to bring it to a boil for two minutes, remove the pot from the heat and allow it to soak for one hour. Did that.

One hour later: I turned the heat on once again, checked the directions again (just to be careful, I only wanted the meal to come out nice, is that too much to ask for??) and turned the pot on a low heat, just enough so the blasted thing would simmer. It did. Everything was fine, just as it should be. I KNEW it was.

It was then, part way into the three hours it was to simmer, that the Evil Destroyer of Dinners struck. Off sitting in the living room, feeling relaxed and pleased with myself for coming up with such an easy dinner to make, one that the seniors would enjoy, my nose slowly started to pick up a Very Interesting Odor. **sniff**sniff**


I arrived in the kitchen, hair streaming behind me, slid to a stop and lifted the pot's lid. Definitely no water to be seen anywhere. The smell was terrible. After setting the pot in the sink and turning on the stove fan, I dashed about opening windows. Too bad it was cold outside....

I was crushed (or maybe it was the smell that was making me feel so bad, not the fact that my nice dinner had just been destroyed). By this time it was about 4 pm and supper was supposed to be at 5:15. I had to make something out of a box. How anticlimatic.

The veggie platter looked nice, though... heh.

After our inferior supper was eaten and put away, I went to do my duty and clean out the pot. Rachel removed the lid. Rachel passed out on the floor from the horrifying odor. Have you ever smelled burnt on food? It's naaaaaasty, and I think this took first prize in the Ghastly Smell olympics. And you all know (I hope) that I'm not a weak-kneed lass. I can handle things. I'm tough.

Ok, ok, so I handled it. Digging out the first layer of half cooked peas went fine. I then reached the second layer. Charred peas. Half an inch deep, at the very least.

The pot took a long time to get clean.

I DO know how to make pea soup!!!

Pathetic. So pathetic.



Happy Thanksgiving to all you Canadians out there! :-D