Why does everything need a title?

True compliments are gifts;
To accept one is to thank the giver.
Some of us reject them off-hand
with a pained expression and
"For me? Never!"
We think we are being humble,
But in truth it's a form of self-pride.
"It doesn't fit right, nor gives me any pleasure!
I'm not worthy of your gift
Please take it away.
I'm the worst there is and will be. Ever!"
If this strikes truth
Then here is a suggestion for you...
A complement is a gift, remember!
The gift giver has feelings, too,
If you recall.
Accepting this gift will not "wound" you forever.
Hold it with two hands,
Not two fingers.
If you can't handle it just now, however,
Set it on a shelf in plain sight
So you won't "forget" it.
Dust it once in a while and make it your endeavor
To wear it proudly one day.
Or at least without a pained expression.
If only to give the gift giver some pleasure.



Silence. It comes in many forms.

1. The typical type that happens after the household enters slumber (finally).
2. *Sigh of relief* When Aunt Gemima FINALLY ends her soliloquy on the best way to tie off the yarn ends on her plastic canvas project.
3. The eye of a hurricane.
4. Once the baby falls asleep (after three hours spent with the kid in the middle of the night... arrrrg).
5. Right after a cannon fires three feet from your ear (it's called deafness).
6. What happens when a parent bursts into the room and asks: "Who broke the lamp!?!?"
7. A silence so complete that it's loud.
8. The noise a leech makes when it swims up to your bare leg.
9. Rain on the roof in the middle of the night... (it's a liberated silence, ok?)
10. When someone finally shoots the dog that never stops barking....
11. Falling snow.
12. Grass growing.
13. Radio waves... until they run into a receptor.
14. What happens in your brain when you are suddenly put on the spot and NEED to respond RIGHT NOW (eg. "Uh duuuh" complete with idiotic facial expressions).
15. The hush in a stadium as the ball flies through the air: is it really going to be a grand slam or not?!
16. The arrival of peace.
17. Virus attack!!! (Computer or otherwise).
18. A split second before the conductor directs the commencement of a glorious orchestration.
19. What descends when they finally turn off the fire alarm in the home for hearing challenged persons.
20. NOT what happens once the leach is found.

Shhh, quiet! I'm trying to hear the mold spores grow on my 8 week old tuna salad...

The end.


Anomalistic aberrations of the cerebrum

Speaking of speed, I've had a grand experience with it today. It gives you a feeling of power as you take a trip reminiscent to Dash Increadable's as he tore over the surface of the water. Hair taking wing behind you and spray blinding your vision. You furiously blink to clear your eyes and when you finally do, your eyelashes start bending in the hurricane force "breeze" ... it feels a bit like caterpillars tromping across your face. Not cool. Then, just when you think you're sailing smoothly, your driving force trips, sending you flying from its bosom and skipping across the water on your rear, something like skipping stones on a pond, only different. Very cool. Once you get going again, however, you've learned a bit more, knowledge has expanded, wisdom dawns over the horizon of your particular brand of imbecility. In other words, if you haven't learned from falling on your face, then you might as well go home and spend your time mowing the lawn with scissors, blade by blade, so as to protect the world from yourself.

Anyway, I love the sensation of leaping from wave-tip to wave-tip or rocketing off the back of a wave and flying high (in a relative sense) into the air. What could be more exhilarating...?

Causing the poor fool clinging behind you to go flying. AHAHAhahahaa!

Ah, how I love jet skiing.


Box cars from my train of thought

I found my soul mate. He's been sitting on the couch next to me for the past while... shaking. And when the thunder rolls (there's a large storm outside in case you wondered) he vocalizes loudly and hides his head next to me. Poor guy. Thing is, he vibrates even when there is no storm (hence the soul mate title). Just a high strung type of pupcoughguycough I guess. Take earlier today. A guy came to fix the couch and when he came in the door my soul mate went tearing wildly around the room. Around and around... a bit like a rabbit on speed. I wonder if people would think I was just as cute if I did that too. Yes? Maybe? Or no...? Guess not. *sigh*

Has anyone ever wondered why moonlight looks so much more beautiful than electric lighting on the surface of water? Electric slides across the water like a golden pillar, while moonlight... ah. Moonlight skips over the tips of the ripples causing diamonds to dance from the shore to the hull of your boat as you drift along in the hush of the evening. I say it has something to do with the difference between the Creator's work and the created's work.

Derrick, I had the TV on for part of writing this and it made it WAY harder to get anything put down. Way way way... in fact, this line here has taken about 10 minutes to write. (Don't ask me why I didn't get up and leave the room, please.)



someone once told me that
if you aren't happy where you
are now, you won't be happy
somewhere else.
i was annoyed then, because
where i was was the last place
i wanted to be.
i figured anywhere else had
to be better.
so i went away to somewhere
else and it was better...
for a time.
and that is when i finally understood.
somewhere else would be better if
i hadn't brought myself along.
i can change where i am, but
if who i am isn't changed
wherever i am will never be

Going vertical

Many a day the sands of time seem slowly to move, their downward drift apparently frozen. Frozen, as though stilled by a larger will. Looked for answers come belatedly, at least to our earthbound, horizontal sight. Real freedom comes when we go vertical. Upward we gaze, into the eyes of the I Am. His answers often come in three shapes, "Yes", "No", and "Wait". Never can man say that He doesn't answer. For always He does, only we miss it at times. Because we look for our version, what we want to hear. Receptive ears to the will and words of God come once we rest our gaze upon the heavenward. So let us go vertical and rejoice in what we hear, for what comes from above causes speech to fail and hearts to sing with joy.


Latine loqui coactus sum

Latin fascinates me. If I was to learn a second language, it might be the one I'd choose... though it's not entirely practical. Unless of course I had a great need to know and understand each scientific name for all of flora and faunadom. However, since I am not a naturalist, I only dabble in the language merely to amuse myself. It's going to be an ever-new activity for me, because I can never remember anything about what I've learned. Words and phrases flee in terror from my mind's interior... not that I blame them. There are days when I'd like to flee myself, but there seems to be an irrevocable attachment.

Here's where I should be continuing with my soliloquy, but that exasperating fly buzzing about my head has shattered my concentration. Or maybe it's the clock ticking loudly in the background. I'm not sure. Now I'm annoyed... I really wanted to add something useful to my blog. Hmm... maybe another time.

I'll just leave you with a cool latin phrase. Animadvertistine, ubicumque stes, fumum recta in faciem ferri? Meaning: (At a barbeque) Ever noticed how wherever you stand, the smoke goes right into your face?



Man is, but not forever.
Life is breathed into dust, God-formed.
To live, on earth,
It is a mere reflection of true Life.
The soul is not at home here,
We live but a fleeting moment
And then--too soon, for those left behind--
We shed that shell that bound us
And fly, fly away Home.
Now we know, that what we had on earth
Is but straw, and stubble.
The empty ache, that Home-sickness
Which we never knew was so huge,
Is filled and overflowing.
And we rest, rest in Him.

Oh to be there now!


A proviso

This is the best part of having your own blog! I get to say one thing, then change my mind the next day and no one can stop me! Hahaha.

In my last post I placed a limit on myself. Horror of horrors. I made it sound as though I'd never have anything remotely sane to say... and this can't be completely honest because strangely enough there's more to me than insanity. I shall now list what else I am:

Wise (hey, did you know one definition of wisdom is thinking of something stupid to say and then not saying it?*)
Serious (yes I am! Stop laughing.)
and, before I get irrevocably distracted,
Not angelic

All this is to say I'll write exactly what I wish, whenever I wish on my blog.

*Notice the use of the word "stupid" NOT maniacal.

Welcome to my lair

Unfortunately, I forgot to write the epiphany down once I had it, so you'll have to settle for the left over dregs. I have a box of tissues for anyone who may be shedding tears of disappointment. I also have a big mean dog who likes to bite for the people who let out a huge sigh of relief. I don't share my maniacal gems with just anyone... so I trust you'll understand my seemingly *chuffed statements.

Generally speaking, I will not be sharing my daily experiences... I wouldn't want anyone to fall into the "overweight potato" category (see previous blog). As per my general blog atmosphere, most of what you'll read will be a bit on the, shall we say, unique side. I see that it's already been termed as "insane" so it's up to you what you title that which issues from my mental oven. If you can't stand my brand of mumblings, you may notice I didn't force you to visit here, nor will I ever. And if you wish, I'd happy to give you detailed directions to the exit. Having said that, please realize I am overjoyed to have the honor of your presence and hope you will enjoy your visit as much as is possible.

*A form of pride


A map to magnificence

I have decided sleeping is overrated. Just consider the countless hours spent in repose on your bed like an overweight potato. Disgusting, really. So, I have decided to wean myself off sleep to maximize and better use the limited hours of my life. The thought of missing even one is painful to me. I must always be alert to every moment, continuously aware of each happening, marinating myself in every thought and emotional response. If I spend more time in uninterrupted cerebral mullings, I do say, I may just stumble upon the true meaning of life. Maybe my brain will start to swell, grow, expand... move over Einstein, here I come. Soon, anyway. Give me a little time. I've been able to whittle my wasteful hours of slumber down considerably, my consciousness is ballooning... Hang onto your hats everyone! I think I feel an epiphany coming on!


What can I say?

Argh. This is like a horrible nightmare. Poor unsuspecting me just got hit by a blog with my name on it. This is terrible... I don't even LIKE writing. I don't want to BE here! Oh my head... it's whirling... someone, please, put me out of my misery.