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Sadness and woe

Oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I think for some reason my blog isn't saving comments on my two latest posts. At least I think it's not. Unless of course no one did comment on them. In any case, if there was some way that I could know if anyone tried to comment or not, it would be lovely. I think a lot of you have my e-mail address; so maybe a lil e-mail just to say yea or nay wouldn't hurt. :-D


Here, you tell me

You see, for a jet-lagged brain, wouldn't you have had trouble picking the right one? Especially if you only had one in front of you.


A word to the confused

Ok, that was weird.

This morning, after I'd dragged myself from my bed at a scary 1 AM according to my befuddled body clock, I slowly made my way down stairs to find something for breakfast. I really didn't want to eat much, so I grabbed a tangerine from the basket on the counter. My fingers sank into its flesh; it was rotten at the top. Oh yuck! Off to the trash it sailed as I turned quickly to wash the grossness from my fingertips. After drying my hands, I carefully chose a firm tangerine. With that in hand, I opened the fridge and bent down a little to peer in. Hhhm, I think we need to go shopping... aha! Yogurt.. yum.

The container had only Hebrew and Arabic on its sides, which is not unusual, so when I realized it was yellow instead of light blue, I called over my shoulder to ask Sarah if she knew what flavor it was. "Is it banana?" Anyone who knows me well will remember how I abhor bananas. Sarah didn't think it was, so I figured it was another strange Israeli flavor like butterscotch or raisins and brandy. So, I decided to be brave and opened the container. It seemed a little bit creamier than usual, but then who was I to question it? Yogurt in Israel is always thicker and fattier than in the US. I stirred it and took a small preparatory taste. Huh, usually plain yogurt doesn't have this much tang. But plain yogurt in Israel is a little sweeter than in the US. So maybe it's ...sugarless? Oh well. I also figured it might taste sharper than usual because I'd just brushed my teeth.

I shrugged and carried it upstairs to eat while sitting on my bed, computer on lap, checking my e-mail and a few blogs. I ate the yogurt slowly with small bites because it still seemed a lil bit thicker and tangier than usual. I finally set it aside to ask Lisa to read the Hebrew for me once I'd finished my current task. My stomach was complaining a little, but I figured it was merely an offshoot of jet lag/stomach shock. E-mails checked and blogs visited, I walked to Lisa's door and with a plaintive tone I asked her to tell me what flavor the blooming stuff was. One glance at the container sent her into a burst of laughter.

"Ha hahaha, Rachel, that's sour cream!"


How on earth was I supposed to know? It didn't taste like US sour cream. The containers even look practically the same. Sigh.

I carried it down stairs again, feeling a bit silly. I told Sarah about my mistake and we both started laughing. Ha hahaha!

Thank you, thank you... it is my distinct pleasure to bring a ray of sunshine and laughter to an otherwise cold and gloomy morning (even though my stomach still isn't very happy with me...)

I love us.


A new view

Today I ate a chocolate. It was really good. Then I ate another and that one was really good, too. Isn't amazing how some things never change? Then, of course, there is another side. The side where some things do change. Or at least aren't the same all the time (I wonder is there's a difference between the two?). In any case, there is something I wish would change. *looks pitiful* It's cooooold, and the stone floors are cold, and the plaster walls are cold and the air is cold, and my feet are cold, and my fingers are cold, and the heat is controlled by the people living beneath us, and they only put it on for a bit in the evenings. Boo. Hoo. And you thought Israel was always a land of sun and sand and the warm, blue Mediterranean sea dancing along the white sands of the beach. Wrong. Think again. Now I understand why tickets to Israel in the winter/early spring months are so much cheaper. No one in their right mind would want to spend much time in this bone chilling wet cold.
But, you know, who in their right mind would even go to Israel anyway? Dunno...
Anyone want a chocolate?


Mildly intelligent

I'm here (in Israel) all in one piece, though not with all my smarts as yet... I know I just set myself up for some teasing. The trip was uneventful except when we flew over the Eiffel Tower as we left the Charles DeGaulle airport. Twas interesting. Probably the only time I'll see it. :-) Thank you everyone for all your prayers, it's obvious they were heard.

Ugh, I just ate breakfast and it was 1:30 or 2 AM your time. My stomach doesn't like me anymore.

Have a grand day you all!


I apologise for this...

Jane, your riddle.

A pink hairless tethered-to-keep-from-escaping, frightened-for-its-life-cousin-to-a-blowfish (because of the spikes :)

[The spikes belong to the blowfish, btw; not the pink hairless thing.]

(I think I'm going nuts)


Eleven days and counting

Eleven days until I leave. For Israel, that is. I thought I ought to mention it. :-)

I'm really sorry about the major lack of posts on my part. I have all kinds of great excuses, but I will not bother you with any. I miss blogging, so hopefully once I arrive in Israel and get myself settled in, I'll try my hand at it again in a more frequent manner. I humbly, on my knees, ask my readership to hang in there and not write me off.

As you wish.

P.S. Jane, a riddle coming soon. :)