Playing games

Since Gabe has been off in another city for going on a week now, we decided to spend some time "together" by playing a game of photo scavenger hunt. I made up a list of pictures we were supposed to find, and away we went, keeping touch once in a while during the day to see how the other was fairing. It was so much fun!

Here are my results.

Here are Gabe's results.

By the way, Gabe won. He got all the pictures first. I took too long trying to be artistic.


Today, as I was out walking Easter, Enrique, the man who is often out running at the same time stopped, and said to me with his small English: "Did you hear ... Michael Jackson died?"

"Oh," I thought to myself, "Michael Jackson - he's uh, that guy who... no he didn't play basketball, that was someone else. Oh, THAT Michael Jackson!"

Returning my complete attention to Enrique, I thanked him for telling me and applied a sad look to my face in hopes that it'd convey... something. It was apparent to me that Enrique did in fact, like MJ. I just didn't have the Spanish words to convey much of anything that I was truly thinking. So after the consolatory facial expression by me, and a smile from him, we went our separate ways.


A few flickers

So, I messed with my blog and came out with this. I like it. For now.

I hope to start blogging again sometime soonish, but knowing myself, that may end up being six months from now. Kind of like my wedding Thank You cards... they're coming, honest! I even have some written; now I just have to find a way to get postal stamps and discover how one mails things when one doesn't have a mail box with it's exciting little red flag which signals to the mail carrier.

I don't like Facebook, it took so many people away from blogging. But so far I haven't mustered up enough moral fortitude to return to the "Oh no, it's going to make me think more" world of blogging. Pray hard. Miracles do happen.