MORE pictures, bwahaha!

Remember the British Cemetery?

The eclipse on Tuesday (!)



101 ways to keep from loosing your readership

Write something, say something to stave off the downward tide.
Ok, that wasn't 101 ways, but I think four will do the job. Yes?

So, how about this. The other day we were searching through our rather bare cupboards for something to make for supper (the cupboards were somewhat bare because we don't like grocery shopping, can you believe that??). We had several partial meals; beans, but no ground beef to make chili; potatoes, but no cheese or sour cream to make yummy baked potatoes. We also had chicken breast, but nothing to eat it with. We were in a pretty dismal predicament. Lisa, Sarah and I may have been able to scrounge about and find some strange combination to stave off hunger, but we also cook for The Boss, or Steve-the-forensic-scientist. Anyway, as I was saying it really wouldn't be nice for him if we tossed him out to the wolves, so on we searched. If only we had some rice... then we could make a delicious stir-fry, but no...... But wait! We looked at each other with wild surmise! ...No... we shouldn't, no way, baaad idea... but we need rice... One of us had recently put some rice into a CLEAN sock to use as a heating pad (microwave it) to keep oneself warm in the chill of the evening. A lot of rice. ...Oooh boy, the temptation grew. We didn't mind that it had been in a sock, but what about the Boss?? Would he understand? Would he care? Would he be grossed out by rice from a sooock??

We needed rice for supper, so we used the rice for supper. The rice for supper did not kill us. And we "forgot" to mention to the Boss from where the rice for supper had originated. Now the question is: Will we go to hell because we didn't tell him?




A real post, whatever that is

Who here likes mosquitos? .....I didn't think so. Thus I am sure you'll all be happy to know I just killed one. Which means, hopefully, that I have kept between 100-300 new beasties from hatching. Isn't that exciting!?

Let's see... what else did I do today? Ah yes, with great vim and vigor I mopped our kitchen-hallway-living-room floor, the outside entryway to our apartment and on down the stairs to the walkway. The water which I poured on the floor in the house I squeegeed (I love that word!) around and out the door which has no threshold, across the entryway and then I chased the miniature waterfall down the smooth stone/marble stairs. Hey, it was great fun. Especially since I did not slip on the wet stone and fall head over teakettle down the stairs. Aaaaaaaah! However, if you like running and hydroplaning down a slick hallway, then all this is right up your alley (yes, yes, pun intended, couldn't help it, didn't want to help it).

And now I don't know what to write. I fear that now I have access to a camera my conversational abilities, which were never well developed, may begin to atrophy. I love to draw pictures with my words because I think in pictures, which is made possible because I often look at the world as through a viewfinder... what do I do? Posting a picture (picture=1,000 words) is way easier than writing something... *shrugs*

Have camera, will be lazy.


Where was I?


"Here there be giants"

I think they need to cut the grass along the walls of the Old City.

Or maybe it's just that I have suddenly contracted a raging case of osteoporosis.