Credit card (b)ills

A word to the wise (actually, to the ones who wish to become wise).

Don't overspend your credit card limit and then forget to pay the bill. It's, like, the epitome of idiocy. When one has a terrible problem with compulsory purchasing, this sad scenario can, and will, repeat itself over and over until your bad dreams about being chased down by a bounty hunter out to get you to pay your bills becomes an adventure in real life. So, the next time you enter a store and consider leaving it with a cart full of "stuff", remember to picture yourself on foot, running with all that is in you, screaming your head off, while your worst nightmare (scary bounty hunter) gains on you relentlessly.

So, to reiterate. Compulsory purchasing = overspent credit card limit + forgetting to pay the bills = really sore muscles.

Ah, the joys of literary anomalies.

Thanks to DJ for this post subject.


Oh yeahhh

So Megan and I just splurged...

I couldn't decide which picture to post, so, hey, why not both?


Dryer time

What better place to go when you're cold?

Got lint?

I can't imagine anything more exciting than a huge pile of lint. Can you?