Wow, what is this place? I'd almost forgotten I even had a blog. Of course, don't let this post get your hopes up; I don't want to be 're-bound' to its upkeep. I'm not sure I even know how to write anymore... maybe it's because this Christmas someone forgot to give me my yearly allowance of brains for the new year. Rats. This is going to be highly inconvenient. Ah, well. Everyone, I am not particularly pleased to introduce to you (though I must) Rachel's third personality: Imbecile. Say hi to the nice people, Imby. There's a good girl.

Well, I need to go put dear Imby to bed, so I may see y'all later. It was nice to say hey again. Goodbye, see you all later and all that rot. :-)



Ok, I'm back... kind of

Welcome home, Florida Rachel. Georgia Rachel missed you. It's nice to get together once again. Unfortunately (or fortunately some may feel) FLR was unable to contract a case of assiduous logorrhea for us while in the balmy south-er-than-GA. For translation of previous unusual words, please see the 'comments' section. I fear that we--though for no lack of trying--may never be blessed by this disease. It comes hard for those not born with it. It's in the genes, I'm sure.

You know, it sometimes comes in handy to have a split personality. You can blame something you did on the other half of you. Very handy, I say. Of course, the downside is that we tend to get confused by each other. Who is who, and all that rot. Can you imagine the row that would come to pass if one side continued to forget to tell the other important bits of information which applied to the both of them? *Shakes head* I guess it's not worth it after all.


Since I was an evil slacker Thanksgiving day, I figure I'll now save myself from a ticket to hell in a hand basket by listing a few things for which I am thankful. However, it's going to be "liberated" list in that it may end up becoming a list of things I like... or whatever...

1. my friendssssss (awwwww)
2. dried figs (yum)
3. the smell of leather (aaaah)
4. MY paint brush (I'm very possessive, if you couldn't tell)
5. my new soft, fuzzy, warm, cozy, purple socks (guys, you can roll your eyes all you wish, but just be aware that you're SO missing out on a gift from heaven)
6. speaking of guys, I'm really thankful for all of you; your godliness, faithfulness and perseverance in the way of Truth, how you treat us girls with a careful respect (NOT as in "The girls Rule, guys drool" point of view), and, because I know you're not just 'pious', I appreciate your humor and love for life (there, now I feel better)
7. all my girl friends! (you already know what I think of you)
8. coupon from friend for wooooooonderful thing *snickers* (it's an inside joke thing)
9. trees (yep)
10. causing people to laugh (because I like to know what it sounds like)
11. snail mail (though e-mail is a wonderful invention, nothing truly surpasses a letter in the mailbox with ones name on it)
12. dried dates with cream cheese (oh ah ooo yumm)
13. winter pansies (I'm in Georgia, remember)
14. all the people I know who just decided to move to GA because we have flowers IN THE WINTER
15. blogs (I'm loving learning more about you all and more about my own self, even, oddly enough, haha)
16. New York city (now that was random)
17. the Sabbath (what would life be like without it?)
18. health (rejoice in it, everyone, rejoice)
19. the patterns a vacuum makes on a rug (now you all KNOW I'm nuts, if you hadn't before)
20. oooh, nuts... fresh pecans! (and the way bits of shell fly about the room while one cracks the lil things)

The End