Today, as I was out walking Easter, Enrique, the man who is often out running at the same time stopped, and said to me with his small English: "Did you hear ... Michael Jackson died?"

"Oh," I thought to myself, "Michael Jackson - he's uh, that guy who... no he didn't play basketball, that was someone else. Oh, THAT Michael Jackson!"

Returning my complete attention to Enrique, I thanked him for telling me and applied a sad look to my face in hopes that it'd convey... something. It was apparent to me that Enrique did in fact, like MJ. I just didn't have the Spanish words to convey much of anything that I was truly thinking. So after the consolatory facial expression by me, and a smile from him, we went our separate ways.


lis said...

*happy sigh* I like this contact with your life. :O)

KJ said...

Amazing... even in a foreign country you can't escape the news about this guy.
I'm amused by your consolatory facial expression :)